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The birth of a new generation of biotech therapies from the ocean

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Inhabit the world's oceans in a wide variety of life, and biodiversity resources still untapped. "Marine with a shallow depth, there is an ebb and flow, but also including the unique environment of craters," Rathbun Scottish Clyde Lancaster University Brian McNeil said, "This means that live in the ocean It has a huge diversity of life, and we know it is very limited, especially in the form of microbial life found in the ocean. "
Marine biotechnology projects by 2012 intended to observe marine life forms to fill in the gap in knowledge on those. The purpose of this project is to find the world's biotechnology industry raw materials, antibiotics and other medical compound where special emphasis is. The project coordinator Mike Neil said: "Taking into account the sponges, they are susceptible to fungi, bacteria and predator attacks, but their attacks did not seem to make the sponge is too painful in part because there is an internal layer of sponge biofilm. , which contains a protective effect of microbial species. We believe that to prevent fungal and bacterial compounds of these microorganisms can produce. "
The project plans to obtain biological samples from a wide range of marine environments, remote control submarine will be used to collect samples in the deep sea. "Enzymes and microbes in excess of 70 degrees Celsius and the high toxicity of the environment to survive, which may have a high value in use of biotechnology," McNeil said.

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