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Yixie Technology Development identified five key tasks

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Health News (Reporter Wang Dan) Recently, the ministry issued a "Medical Device Technology industry," second five "special plan" put forward "five-second" period, medical science and technology, China will focus on the completion of basic equipment upgrades, high-end products breakthrough, cutting-edge direction of innovation, innovation capability and application demonstration projects five tasks, and strive to achieve technological breakthroughs, product innovation, capacity building and application of universal. .
"Planning" that the current, primary health care institutions overall low level of the device configuration, there is still less functional, low performance, difficult to use, does not apply to other issues. High-end medical equipment, high-value medical materials mainly imported mainly expensive, a heavy burden to the patient. Compared with developed countries, China's medical equipment industry foundation is weak, the industry chain is not complete, there is a certain gap between the overall weak competitiveness, overall performance and reliability of basic products, the key part of the core technology is not yet mastered.
"Plan" put forward "five-second" period, China should focus on breakthrough 20 ~ 30 key technologies and core components form the core patent 200. Create 50 to 80 new clinical needed prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and emergency medical equipment products. Key support 10 ~ 15 large medical device enterprise groups, the establishment of 8 ~ 10 Medical Device Technology Industry Base and 10 national demonstration and application of innovative medical device products base. 10 national centers and the State Key Laboratory of New Technology Research and improve China's medical equipment standards, testing and evaluation system.

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