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Established in June 2012, Nanjing Bioseps Technologies Co., Ltd. is one of the technical companies located in Zijin (Xingang) Technology Incubation Special Park, National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Nanjing, China. The founder and chairman Dr. Jerry Wang was selected for the 2012 annual Nanjing leading type pioneering talents of science and technology. The company is based on the core of separation materials, engaged in chromatographic purification process, organic separation or purification and technical services for the fields of pharmaceutical and health care. 

Bioseps Technologies has many scientists and engineers experienced of separation and purification. We are accomplished in the development of expertise of chromatographic analysis and separation, purification and preparation method of samples, separation and structural identification of impurities, chromatographic separation equipment selection, sales and customer service. Specifically, screening of optimum parameters of packing material and separation method based on the pilot test, drug separation process to test and scale-up parameter optimization and tracking, consultation and service of columns, our technology innovation contribution may add agents in the field for the pharmaceutical, bio medicine, Chinese herbal medicine and natural products, foods and etc.


With a reasonable price and good reputation, Bioseps Technologies has established the long-term cooperation with many enterprises. Warmly welcome you come to visit us.

Bioseps Technologies now has nearly a thousand square meters of laboratory for the samples analysis, products purification and separation process development. The equipments in Bioseps are very complete and available, such as high performance Flash chromatographic workstations, preparative High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (prep-HPLC) with automatic sample injection and sample collection, Dynamic Axial Compression Columns (DAC), Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography (SMB), Multi Chromatography Purification System (MCP), sample concentrations in various rotary evaporators, freeze dryers and etc.


Bioseps now is becoming a domestic separation and purification R&D and customized contracts specialized base for the fields of chemical medicine, biological pharmaceutical and nature care.