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Purification Process Development Services

Various separation methods for processing development of the purification can be selected in Bioseps laboratory. The purification process covers such as using lower or medium pressure chromatography with Flash column which is normally much cheaper than others, for some difficult purification, selecting prep-HPLC with DAC column may be a best available option. Whatever, it is more essential for efficiency to combine with column-switching, sample injection, sample collection and crossing-injection automatically.  Multi-column continuous chromatography platform, SMB, can be used for purification of large biomolecules and small chemicals continuously to obtain grams to kilograms of purified product per run; it is a faster, more efficient preparative chromatography platform than conventional single-column.


Bioseps Technologies is also based on the core of separation materials contributed by another company Bonna-Agela Technologies of us. For more information about the products of packing materials, HPLC columns please see the website for details:

Technical Advantages


Evaluation and comprehensive utilization of using varied platforms of separation and purification technique

─   As a substitute for traditional chromatography, high performance Flash chromatography can be widely used in the separation of fermentation, natural products and synthetic drugs.

─   Prep-HPLC with DAC column system is available for industrial purification of APIs or natural products.

─   At industrial scale, an SMB chromatography is operated continuously, saving solvent more than 70% compared with batch chromatography. High concentration, high productivity, production capability reaches grams to kilograms each day.

─   Multi Chromatography Purification System (MCP) typically used for fermentation products achieves functions of filtration, concentration, fine separation, detection and collection automatically.

Testing and choosing from variety of packing materials as the most suitable one for purification

─   Normal phase materials, such as regular silica, deactivated silica and NH2 etc. Aluminum ( neutral/ acid/ basic) .

─   Reversed phase materials, a line of stationary phases includes C18, C8, C4,Phenyl , a mixed-phase of C18 and propionic amide provides unique selectivity which allows extremely polar and non-polar compounds to be analyzed in a single run.

─   Ion exchange resin, includes SCX, SAX,COOH.

─   Hydrophilic Interaction (HILIC) material, a unique phase that is very different from other stationary phases in its separation mechanism. It can be used as a RP or a NP column. It has superior retention for polar compounds when operated as a HILIC column.

─   Polar-modified bonded phase materials, such as C1、C2, etc.

─   Chiral CO, CA, CJ, Amide columns

Customized designing of separation materials & facilities to achieve the best performance of the process

Regeneration process for the deactivated silica materials

Lower costs, reasonable price

According to the particular needs of customer, we are able to customized design special separation materials and suitable purification systems consist of units of pump, injector, lower or high pressure chromatographic column, fraction collector, online detector and software, all the facilities are compatible for validation of GMPs, to achieve the goal of suitable flow rate of eluent, maximum volume of sample injection and best separation efficiency. If you have any need please don't hesitate to contact with us.